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The Science of Gratitude

We are very grateful for our family, friends and clients.  As we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas it is so important to realize all your blessing whether they are big or just a few small ones.  We want to share a few things that we took from our Buffini & Company November monthly mailing:

1.  Send a handwritten note or card to a friend or family member.  Let them know you care and you are thinking of them.

2.  A random act of kindness, get coffee or lunch with a friend or spouse. 

3.  Check your daily gratitude, reflect on what you are grateful for, write it down, or make a note to remind you.

Yes, there are apps that can help you with all that too:

1. Track Your Happiness - Created by Harvard University researchers, this app prompts you to answer questions throughout the day generating a "happiness report" after 50 questions.

2.  Happify - This app calculates happiness score based on a questionnaire. It provides games and activities to help shift your mindset, tackle stress and find more happiness.

3.  My Gratitude Journal - This digital journal helps you track five things you're grateful for each day, and gives rewards as incentives to stay consistent.


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