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2018 Taxes

We no more finish Christmas, start a New Year, start our diets, and then Tax Season is upon us, ugh!

Our clients are lucky enough to receive a copy of their Settlement Statement from their closing in 2018 from us in January so they can successfully prepare for their 2018 taxes.  This a part of our client appreciation program when you sell/buy with us. Our service to our clients goes beyond just the closing.

A few things to remember or ask you tax consultant:

Standard Deductions:

Single 2017 - $6350         2018 - $12,000

Married 2017 - $12,700    2018 - $24,000

Head of Household 2017 - $9,350     2018 - $18,000

Child Tax Credit:

2017 - $1,000 per child

2018 - $2,000 per child

All information is general in nature and should not be taken as legal advice or guaranteed.  Readers should not rely solely on this information. Contact a tax professional for more context on the tax law changes.  Sources: IRS, USPS.

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