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Spring is here, let's clean the inside of our cars!

I was reading my Costco Connection magazine for April and it has a great article about car cleaning hacks.  Living in the Midwest, the inside of our cars can get dirty and disorganized.  Here are a few helpful hints that I found interesting while reading this article by Steve Fisher. I also added a few of my own.

1.  Dryer Sheets work well in your trunk to keep it fresh and under your seats as an air freshener.  We also use them in our motor home to keep mice out.

2.  Microfiber cloths and Swiffer Dusters are great to get into cracks and crevices in your car.  Also use them on your dashboard, gauge and center console.

3.  Ziploc plastic bags are helpful for items that can roll around your car and get lost or make a mess.  Store snacks, pens, aspirin, gum, chargers.  Don't forget the little package of Kleenex and hand wipes.  I have wipes and small trash bags in the front and back seats of my car.  You just never know.

4.  Disinfectant wipes and Lysol Disinfectant Spray can help with cleaning door interiors, dashboards, consoles, car seats, carpet, and seat belts. Make sure you have vacuumed and dusted first.  Make sure to tryout product on a out-of-view area to be sure they are safe and won't affect the finish.

5.  Car seat cleanup is a must. Club soda is the trick to clean fabric seats (Jeff Bosco Put some club soda in a spray bottle, spray down the seat, use a small brush to scrub it away and blot dry with paper towels. Jeff added that he only uses warm water and mild hand soap to clean leather and vinyl.  Leather can be tricky, and you don't want to scrub away any finish on the leather.

6.  I have found that the Norwex window cleaning cloths do the best job on the inside car windows.  I use them for my car and home.


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