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Hosting a Graduation Party

Graduation season is approaching and there are so many things to think of. If you have been through this before then you should be able to get it done, but if this is your first time well here are a few ideas that I used for my first graduation party back in 2016.  Yes, I have one this year too.  We are hosting at home, so here are a few ideas to get the job done.


1. Clean the garage, get the yard prepared, reserve your tents, tables, and chairs.

2. Ask friends, relatives for help on the big day.

3. Mail open house invites.

4. Plan your menu and view the Dollar Store website for table cloths etc.


1. Attend your son or daughter's graduation.

2. Call your local market to order your cake.  Costco has great cakes by the way.

3. Help friends with their parties, get your pictures done or thumb drives ready for the slide show.

4. Decorate your garage, backyard, or house with your graduation party supplies, print out cooler tags.

5. Get lots of ice, set up your eating area simple and easy to get to, decorate your tables simple with flowers or something special from the college or branch of services the graduate is attending.

6. Time to party

Congratulations to all the 2019 Graduates.  May your future be bright and the road you travel be paved with promise.




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